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I <3 solving problems.

Me in a nutshell

  • Information architect and interaction designer with more than 7 years of experience …
  • … in projects with enterprises and mid-sized businesses.
  • … in designing complex processes such as car configuration or buying processes.
  • Studies in media technology with focus on media design and media informatics – graduated as Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
  • Technical know-how and a good eye for visual design.


PLUS: Out of conviction I work as ecologically & fair as possible.


I'm a UX lover. I want to make life better.

What I do

Imagine: a group of people is asked to explain a term. The rules: everyone is allowed to say one word only; in the end they have to generate a gramatically correct sentence. – There is no better way for realizing that every person thinks totally different.

I help people understand each other.

How I do it

Knowledge is power. Starting a new project always means gathering a lot of information and asking a lot of questions. I think, this is the only way to find really smart solutions.
I love to find these solutions together with other professionals – so that the project may profit from our united knowledge.

I do not believe in ignorant lone fighters.

With whom I do it

I love to work with colleagues which love what they do and focus on the human being in their work. They should be fair – towards their clients, colleagues and the rest of the world.
Ideally they are even keen on making the world a better place.

Is this you?

I’m highly interested in …


Work culture


Social change

Design Thinking


What I've done in the last 7 years


  • Processes, corporate websites, microsites, apps and shops
  • Responsive, mobile and static



Alvecon, aperto, Basler Versicherungen, Bosch, ConCardis, Daimler, Deutscher Ring, GWA, Haier, Häfele, Hyundai, Kaeser, Kobil, mediaman, Porsche, XING, Zurich

Work experience

05/2015 – today: Interaction Designer @ XING AG, Hamburg
11/2014 – 12/2015: UX Freelancer
05/2008 – 08/2014: Concept Developer @ mediaman, Mainz
03/2008 – 05/2008: Graphic Designer @ Pfeil Gestaltung, Mainz

Please feel free to write me an e-mail and ask for a more detailed CV or look at my XING-profile.

Have a look at some of my projects


Send me a message and let's see what I can do for you!